Our Story


We are Bart and Jan Petley owners of Petitmor Alpacas, an alpaca farm located at 8245 Route 126 Harcourt, New Brunswick, Canada. 

Early in 2012, my sister an avid and talented knitter, told us of her passion for alpaca yarn. She asked if we’d ever consider raising alpacas along with our horses and chickens. That was all it took for Bart’s adventurous nature and our love of animals to have an alpaca arrive at our farm within a few weeks. We soon realized you can’t have just one and purchased our second within a few days. We didn’t initially intend to be alpaca farmers but our love of these beautiful animals was immediate and so was our research and learning.


It's great fun to watch alpacas "pronk" - an upward or bounding movement, much like the movement of a gazelle. So you could say we ‘pronked’ into the world of alpacas and have never looked back!
If you spend any time around alpaca owners, you'll soon realize that we are passionate about our animals. They are truly captivating creatures - mild-tempered, beautiful fleece-producing animals with an inquisitive nature and intelligent presence. We truly enjoy sharing our knowledge and teaching others about these unique animals and their history. We really could talk forever. ​

To date we have TWENTY-THREE animals and our herd is growing with new Cria additions each summer. In addition to alpacas, we have free range chickens, miniature horses and donkeys and two barn cats who happily greet each farm visitor.

As alpaca farmers, it is our goal to raise healthy happy alpacas with the most beautiful fine and dense fleece possible to make beautiful yarn for our one of a kind, signature line “Stormy Wear”. Named after one of our first alpacas “Stormy” it just seemed fitting, as there’s nothing warmer to wear during a New Brunswick snow storm. Along with the beautiful products found in our Farm Shop, we also shear, breed and sell alpacas.

We welcome you to visit our farm during our open farm days! It is a pleasure to live the "alpaca lifestyle", make new alpaca friends and spread the word about this incredible creature. We hope to share our alpaca experience with you someday!

Bart and Jan Petley

Harcourt, New Brunswick